RemindYou 2.0 now in Beta (Jailbrake 2.0)

I finished up RemindYou 2.0 for iPhone 2.0 Jailbrake this morning (like 2am)!

It will be going out to testers in the next couple of days and should be out for the world very soon.

If you just can’t wait and wan’t to help beta test, email me and we will see what we can do.


I saw this in MacWorld and if you saw my post when I got my Mac Pro you will know that I think is SO true.

The Mac Pro is so sexy inside, unlike all other computers I have made or owned.

“iPhone God”

I got an email today that refered to me as a deity!

If you don’t want to click on the image to read it, here is what it says:

Some may call you developers or hacks, or to some you may be known as cyberpunks… but to us here at BOA Design you are known as Gods!

Because of this.. we wanted to email and thank each and every one of you for the advances you have made to the already brilliant iPhone. We are a new company who make sleek, form fitting, faux leather cases for apple products, like the iPhone and iPhone 3G and we would like to send you one in appreciation for what you have done.

Please reply back to me here at *removed* and tell me what sort of case you would like, iPhone or iPhone 3G and what address to send it to, then your new BOA case will be slithering its way to you shortly!

You can check out our products at for pictures and reviews etc.


‘because it feels good when you stroke me’

I have heard reports of at least one other well known ORIGINAL iPhone developers getting this offer as well.

I let them know what I wanted and got a response back saying they would send it out to me.

Yay, I like getting offerings.

Now if I can start getting people to pay me a 10% tithing on everything they make, I will be set.

KillExchangeLocks v2.0 *iPhone 2.x Jailbrake*

I just released and sent off to BigBoss KillExchangeLocks version 2.0!

This version features a VERY basic UI so users know the program has actually started.
It also removes the restrictions on the auto-lock feature, so users can use the normal settings section to choose their preferred auto-lock time.

The big news of 1.1 is that for *some* users, they should only have to run the app 1 time, as we trick the iPhone into thinking a passcode is not needed, and therefore it will not ask you every day. I say *some* because from testing, this currently only works for certain exchange setups.

Funny Spam Email

Just found this email in my inbox and I found it humorus so I thought I would share.

(Click to enlarge)

KillExchangeLocks – iPhone 2.0 Jailbrake

KillExchangeLocks is a simple free iPhone application that helps the fact that with the new 2.0 Exchange support you can get locked into having a passcode and auto-lock setting on your phone. Even manually changing the plist you will then be asked to set a passcode again at least once a day. Instead of updating your plist everyday, just simply click on KillExchangeLock and your plist will be set to not require a passcode and never auto-lock.