WWDC 09 Here I Come!




WWDC = (Apple) World Wide Developer Conference

New Business Cards

Today I decided to take some time and design new business cards.

I figured with WWDC coming up (Apple please tell us the official date), I will be needing them. (WWDC is the Apple World Wide Developer Conference)

Let me know what you think.



Submitted to App Store

A while back I wrote another iPhone application that was mainly for myself, but the business side of me said, “If I wanted this app enough to write it, chance are there are people willing to pay a couple bucks for it.”

The down side of this was that I had to develop the application a lot more.
Instead of just having to be “enough” for me, it had to be complete enough to sell and for people to be able to easily use.

So I finished up making it great.
It was done and it was SEXY!

The problem…
The sexy part was the part that connects to your computer, and that part was Mac only.

I did not like the fact that it was Mac only because I knew it would really hurt sells.
So I bit my lip and went about redoing that entire section.
I wanted something that would feel familiar with but that was at least just homely looking instead of looking like a nasty skank.
The problem was that the way to do this was a pretty big undertaking as there was nothing standard for the iPhone and the doing a one-off is a huge task (hence why there is nothing out there).

Finally I found another developer who was in the final status of doing a one-off himself, and he agreed to let me have access to the code.

SWEET! Here was my answer, right? right?

So I went and integrated the code.
Problem was that the code was not complete, but that was alright because I still had a bunch of little things to finish up and I was under the impression that the other code would be finished shortly.

So I finished everything up, but still no updates on the other code…

So I started looking into the code to see if I could find where the problems were, but like I said before, this is a BIG undertaking of code and I had no insight of the under workings of that section.

However now all my code was done, so I needed this last part done.

Off and on I would spend a day or two digging into the code, and hitting up the developer for any word on updates.

Now 2 months after I finished my end, I was still in basically the same spot and still no word on anything anytime soon.

Finally last night I said, “screw this”, and I decided to go with the Skanky version for now, knowing that I could always go back if/when the other code gets finished, but just sitting here was doing no one any good.

Earlier today I finished the coding aspect of the new setup.
Then I just had to do a screencast help video and do all the paper work type stuff on the App Store.

Then it was off to the races!
Application SUBMITTED!

Now it’s just time to hope that it gets through the Apple review process, and quickly.

Oh and to be honest, this new way probably isn’t really Skanky, but it just kind of feels that way to me after my original design.

KidFlix in Review

iDeskCal Version 2 Private Beta

I am VERY happy to announce that iDeskCal version 2.0 is now in private beta!

If you don’t already know, iDeskCal was formally called Desktop Remind.
Version 2.0 was such a dramatic change, taking the application from a useful little tool, to a full fledged desktop calendar solution.

With such a dramatic change I felt it was also time to give the product a real name.
A new icon should be coming soon as well.

You can learn more about iDeskCal at: http://hashbangind.com/ideskcal.php

If you are interested in joining the beta make sure you match the following criteria and then email support [at] hashbangind.com

Beta testers MUST meet the following criteria:
1. Have a Macintosh computer running OS X 10.5 Leopard
2. Must use iCal or a iCal compatible program, or be willing to start using iCal
3. Must be willing to give feedback, submit bugs, and be willing to answer questions about submitted feedback/bugs.


I have been finalizing the beta for iDeskCal 2.0 and in the process came across ChocTop.

ChocTop is a system for rapid mac software DMG packaging.

In setting it up and using it I found that it lacked a feature I wanted.
Mainly the ability to specify that it should you a Debug build instead of the standard Release build that you would usually use.
The reason for wanting a Debug build is simple… I am packaging up a Beta.

So even though I don’t know Ruby (which is what ChocTop is written in) I set foot to add this feature.
Luckily like most computer languages I was able to understand it enough to understand what was going on and enough to add this new ability.

Once I was done and used it myself, I sent it back into the developer and he has already integrated it into the repo version of the code.

If you are a Mac developer checkout http://drnic.github.com/choctop/