BYU vs Adams State in Grand Junction (Fall Ball)

BYU’s fall-ball started off with a trip to Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction for a double header, first against Adam’s State College and then Colorado Mesa University (both NCAA D2).

The first game was scheduled to begin after the Westminster vs Colorado Mesa game (12pm local time).
BYU took the field and began to warm up, however there were only 3 guys from Adams that showed up.
Apparently the bus bringing Adams to Grand Junction showed up late to pick them up and then broke down on the way.
BYU stayed on the field warming up for 2 hours until Adams showed up (which was the time Adams was supposed to take on Westminster).

As a side note, BYU picked up a transfer from Syracuse named: Casey Rich, number 22.
Here is a quick video of Casey warming up on Saturday.

Adams State began to warm up and we finally got going with the game.

BYU came out swinging and dominated the first quarter 6-0.

The second quarter started out how the first quarter ended, all BYU.

Adams then started to get their groove on and was able to get a couple past the cougars.

During the 3rd quarter there was a break in play and paramedics took the field.
First there was confusion as no one was down on the field.
Come to find out there was an Adams player down on the sideline.

As the paramedics took a look at the situation, BYU huddled up and said a prayer for the injured player.

The player was then taken off the field via a stretcher and the game continued. (I personally have not heard word to what happened exactly or how the Adams player is doing)

BYU continued to dominate the game, with Adams sneaking one in a few times.

With 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter the score was BYU 13, Adams 5.

Then with about 1:20 left in the fourth Adams was able to pull together another goal, ending the game with a score of BYU 13, Adams 6.

All and all both teams fought hard but definitely showed growing pains, as the two teams worked out their new rosters.

BYU brought 47 guys and played all 47 of them in this opening game.

While both teams struggled a bit with the signs of new players mixing with old players, BYU overall dominated the game at every aspect.

If BYU’s players can get used to playing together, I would say they have a good chance at repeating last season with a great record and perhaps bring home another national championship.

Check out 102 photos from the game, at:

Below is a video of some of the game.


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