Installing Running Pony Emblems on a 2013 Mustang V6 – How-to

First off, I purchased these from

My Mustang didn’t come with any side emblems so I had to remove the 2 pins that are used for alignment from dealer installed emblems.

I used a pair of heavy duty scissors to cut them off as low as I could.
However the prongs were still higher then the rest of the emblem which if you were to use it would not get a good enough seal, plus it would look bad.

I grabbed some sand paper (~200 grit) and them just sanded down the pegs until they were flush with the rest of the emblem.

I then used transfer paper (I got mine from a hobby store), taped the paper to the entire fender area (use a tape that wont hurt the car. I use painting tape) Then take your measurements (I suggest doing this with a cloth type measuring tape (the type used to make measurements of people for cloths) as a regular measuring tap is likely to scratch your paint.

The correct measurements are 3 1/2″ down from the curve in the fender, and left from the end of the fender for the tire area.

Use a pencil to mark this spot on the transfer paper. Then make each line longer on the paper, making sure that the line stays level (use a level).

Now carefully take off the transfer paper.
There will be a bunch of flakey junk and lines on your car, but don’t worry.

Take 2 more pieces of tape and but the tape directly on the car, and exactly on your lines.

Use rubbing alcohol on a soft material that wont scratch the car. Wipe the area clean of any debris and wax.

Take off the back covering on the emblem and hold the sides of the emblem to do this, and for the rest.

SLOWLY line up the emblem with the tape you marked.
Get as close to the car without touching it or where a little jolt would connect it.
As you are lining up the emblem be sure the entire thing is level with the tape.

Finally when you are satisfied with the position, slow press the emblem onto the car.

I hope you got your position right….

Press in all over the emblem to make sure it has a good connection.

Finally remove the tape, and use the rubbing alcohol to clean around the emblem to remove the tracing paper lines, and any residue left over from the tracing paper.

Now its the really hard part.
Sit back and wait!
Try not to drive for 24 hours, or at least make it slow and easy.
Do not get the car wet for at least 24 hours.

So get a chair and a Coke and stare at your handy work.

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