Radon Mitigation in Racine, WI

Radon mitigation Racine

If you are concerned about the level of radon in your home, you should consider the services of a reputable radon mitigation company in Racine, WI. A company specializing in radon mitigation in Racine can install a system that uses a vacuum suction system under your building. This system is highly effective in drawing the radon gas away from the structure and out of the interior areas. Using this method, a Radon mitigation Racine system is completely automatic and does not require any maintenance or upkeep.

The best testing equipment to identify radon levels in your home

Radon gas is a radioactive byproduct of the decay of uranium. Even though the risk of lung cancer from radon exposure is very low, it can still cause significant damage to your health. The average amount of radon in Racine, WI is 4.0 pCi/L. According to the Surgeon General, radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, and is associated with over 20,000 deaths each year.

Despite the advantages of HRVs, there are some disadvantages of this method, such as the fact that it involves significant heated air loss. Moreover, the effectiveness of HRVs depends on the amount of ventilation air and the concentration of radon in the home. HRVs are best applied in small, confined spaces like basements, where there is less available space. As an added bonus, HRVs are more efficient than GAC. However, they require annual cleaning and venting the radon outdoors. Because of this, they are not recommended for homes with children. Radon mitigation is necessary for all properties in Racine, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas.