Different Types of Garden Edging Systems

Landscape edging is a great way to accent your yard and keep the soil in the garden bed. It also creates a crisp edge between the lawn and other areas of landscaping.

What are the types of edging?

You can purchase landscape edging in different materials and colors. A popular choice is plastic. This no-dig option is budget friendly and creates a clean border between the grass and the other parts of your yard.

Other options include brick and wood. Brick can help unify the edging with your patio or pergola. Wood is a good choice for organic gardeners. Wood can also be used in raised beds, we create our custom garden beds with FormBoss’s product, which allows you to have a more natural border.

Metal lawn edging is more durable than plastic and will last for years. The material is also resistant to rotting. Most metal edging systems are made of steel or aluminum. They are also easy to install.

Another popular choice is redwood. This is an economical option that does not rot or warp. Pressure-treated lumber is another good choice.

For a unique look, consider gabion walls. Gabion walls are a modern take on retaining walls. These are constructed with a cage of stones. They can be easily installed in a curve.

Another type of lawn edging is made of aluminum. It is sturdier than plastic and will not rust.

You can buy these in rolls or sheets. Some are even made to fit together with connectors. Connectors are typically eight inches long.

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