Examples of Metaphor

In a sentence, a metaphor represents a particular thing. The analogy can be a stand-alone argument or a tie-in to a larger idea. When using a metaphor, make sure it is self-explanatory and does not require additional information. The analogy will also be more effective if it is a direct comparison of two or more things. A good example of a metaphor is a statue.

How to Know About Examples of Metaphor

examples of metaphor

Good examples of metaphor are the use of food as a metaphor. In the poem “I Am Not an Apple,” Sylvia Plath compares a green apple to a human being. This is a powerful image for an emotional response. However, it’s important to remember that apples are sour and highly acidic. Consuming too many of them is a sign of overindulgence and might be a metaphor for a ravenous hunger.

A great metaphor is a metaphor that describes the way an idea works. A good example is the use of “the bottomless pit,” which implies an endless appetite. A metaphorical example is when a person compares the moon to the sun, which indicates that there’s a connection between the two. This is a common type of metaphor and is often used to express a contrast between two things. A good example of a standard metaphor would be the term “the sun” or “the moon” in a story.

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