How to Stop Your AC Now

How to Stop Your AC Now

If you’ve been suffering from AC problems lately, how to your AC it may be time to learn how to stop your AC now. If you’ve noticed flickering lights or a faulty thermostat, it’s important to check the electrical wiring. If it seems to be clogged or overloaded, you may need to replace the circuit breakers. If you can’t identify the problem yourself, call an HVAC professional for assistance. Listed below are some common causes of AC problems.

Turn your thermostat to the “cool” setting, about five or six degrees lower than the indoor temperature. Try placing your hand in front of the AC vane to feel the cold air coming out of the vents. Next, remove the thermostat cover to check the components of the unit. Look for any corrosion buildup or debris. In some cases, a soft brush can clean the thermostat and prevent future problems. In other cases, a professional will be needed to fix the thermostat.

The float safety switch is another possible cause. It detects when water pools at the base of the unit and will stop your AC from turning on. Sometimes, batteries are low or the switch is malfunctioning. Either way, you need to replace it right away. In some cases, short cycling is caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or a low battery. If the battery is low, your AC will turn on and off intermittently.

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