Industrial Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner

An industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum that utilizes compressed air to suck debris and dirt from hard floors, workbenches and out of the way areas. Although these types of vacuums are used commonly in a variety of industries, they can also be purchased for use in residential homes. Some industrial vacuums are powered by electricity, while others are powered by compressed air. The electric powered cleaners are more commonly seen in residential homes, as the compressed air driven cleaners have a tendency to generate quite a bit more suction than their electric counterparts. Go to the site And continue reading.

Are You Making These Industrial Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes?

The most common type of industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaner is one that utilizes an electric motor to power it. If you happen to own an industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaner with a suction output of more than eighteen horsepower (Hp), then you will find that the machine can be extremely noisy and a nuisance when cleaning large areas. Many people who wish to purchase an industrial pneumatic vacuum cleaner with a high Hp rating do so because of the fact that these machines do not generate much suction when compared to the more powerful electric powered cleaners.

The various manufacturers that make these types of cleaners include Eureka, Miele, Okidata, Honda, International and Kirby. These types of cleaners have many features that make them highly desirable and useful. These machines can be used to clean almost any surface including; carpet, drapes, metals, wood, granite, tile and just about anything else you can think to clean. As you can see, industrial strength suction power is necessary for this type of cleaner to perform the cleaning job.

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