The Benefits of Running 2 Miles a Day

benefits of running 2 miles a day

One of the healthiest habits a person can develop is The benefits of running 2 miles a day. This is an easy, quick workout that burns a significant amount of calories. On average, a person can burn about 100 calories per mile depending on their weight, height, and gender. It takes dedication and motivation to run two miles a day. Although you may become bored or feel fatigued after a few days, this exercise can improve your mental strength and physical endurance.

Why You Need To Running 2 Miles A Day

Running daily can help you lose weight and build muscles. It also improves your cardiovascular health. Even if you have to walk or jog for two miles a day, this distance can help you achieve your goals and become fit. Running can also improve your mood and reduce symptoms of depression. It can even improve your sleep and overall health.

In the first few weeks, you will experience some aches and pains, but these will subside after a few weeks. This is because you’ll be getting into a habit and will be able to see progress. Most people will notice minor physical changes after running two miles a day. These changes will motivate you to continue running.

When you run two miles a day, you will burn between 200 and 300 calories. This is a fairly significant amount of calories, and should be incorporated into your food plan to support your new running habit.

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