Using an Industrial Stairway With Platform

Using an industrial stairway with platform can provide workers with safe access to their work space and to the equipment. They can safely walk over pipes, conveyors, and other obstructions. In addition, they can observe the machines that are in use.

What are the rules for stairs?

Unlike commercial stairs, industrial stairs must meet specific safety standards. They need to be sturdy, have open risers, and have handrails that are at least 34 inches high. They also must have guardrails that are capable of withstanding 200 pounds of pressure.

In addition, there are special applications for industrial stairs, such as rooftop access. When used with a roof hatch, they can provide secure access for workers.

Prefabricated industrial stairs are easy to install and provide safe access. They also make it possible to reconfigure the platform to meet your specific needs. They are also lightweight and require no welding. They are available in custom sizes and can be ordered in preassembled form for easy installation.

In addition, they can be bolted together to provide four work platforms. These work platforms can span longer distances and clear larger obstacles. Each platform provides 9 feet of linear clearance. They are available in eight to 12 step models. Banks Industrial Group sells rolling cantilever work platforms, which are easy to move in confined spaces. They also have side casters for easy operation.

Prefabricated stairs are available in a variety of styles and designs. They can be designed to meet specific regulations, as well. They can also be ordered in knocked-down form for easy field assembly.

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